May 16, 2022

Botu Linum

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Adrian automobile dealerships take microchip shortage in stride

5 min read

ADRIAN — Due to a microchip shortage, new vehicles are on back order anywhere from six weeks to six months, but local dealerships are taking it all in stride.

For one thing, they are selling more used vehicles and even though various options and even colors are hard to come by, the dealers are touting their ability to get customers made-to-order cars and trucks.

“The exciting part is we’re selling a lot of cars. I just wish we had the ability to get more new cars. And I think that certainly we’re being told that the chips have had a big impact on the availability of vehicles,” Garry Clift, owner of Clift Buick GMC of Adrian, said. “We’re doing a good job of getting people to order vehicles, and that’s working out quite well. It’s nice if you have it on the lot and you can take delivery of it immediately, but if we can plan this out a little bit and actually get exactly what you want on order for you, that’s been working out for us too. When the car comes in, it’s sold and it goes right back out.”