May 18, 2022

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ATV Adventures: Christmas gift ideas for your ATV/UTV friends | News, Sports, Jobs

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Lynn R. Blamires

A lunchbox oven is a great gift for an off-road vehicle enthusiast.

Well, Christmas is here and once again you are faced with buying gifts for your picky off-highway vehicle friends. I am here to help because I am one of those picky people. However, the OHV picture has changed somewhat with the explosion in UTV sales. The things these people like are a little different than those preferred by the ATV people.

Here are some gift ideas that will please even the pickiest ATV people on your list:

Jump starter

A jump starter is a compact power source with multiple uses. ATV engines are so big these days that there are no kick-start options to back up the electric starters. If you are caught in the backcountry with a dead battery, you’d better have a tow strap and a friend or a jump starter.

About the size of an iPhone, a jump starter with an 800-amp rating will be able to jump your car as well as an ATV or UTV. I have one with 2,500 amps that is a little larger, but if you go with a higher amp rating, the product gets a little more bulky.

The bonus of gifting one of these is that it has a variety of ports to charge tablets, cell phones and other devices. This comes in handy on a long trip or on the trail.

Tire repair kit

I have noticed more UTVs carrying spare tires, but it is an expensive option. While a spare looks cool, a tire repair kit is a less expensive choice to get you safely back from a trip into the backcountry. It consists of a reaming tool, an insert tool, some tire plugs, a mini compressor, and a low-pressure tire gauge.

While plugging a tire can be a permanent fix, sometimes it is not, but at least the tire will hold air until you can get back to civilization. I have had good and bad luck with tire plugs. Your friend may have a complete kit, but he will never have enough plugs. Finding an extra supply in his stocking will not be a disappointment.

Grab handles

A UTV never has enough places for hanging on. These handles Velcro to the roll-cage bars and come in handy for getting in and out of the vehicle or for just hanging on while your crazy friend drives.

Neck gaiters

Neck gaiters have become very popular with the OHV crowd. They can be described as a seamless bandana and they are very versatile. Wear one on your neck for UV protection, as a head band, as a wrist band, as a beanie, as a face shield, or as a hood. When driving a UTV, I will wear it as a hood to keep my ball cap from blowing away. I may look funny, but ask me if I care.

On a hot day, use your gaiter to cool down by soaking it in cold water before putting in on your neck. Cold weather gaiters are made of a heavier cloth for winter wear.

They are washable, reusable and inexpensive. One found in a stocking on Christmas morning is sure to please.

UTV seat belt sleeves

UTVs are becoming more comfortable on the trail with better suspension and bigger tires, but that doesn’t mean you still don’t get thrown around a bit inside the cab. A seat belt sleeve is made of a soft material that will prevent the belt from rubbing your neck or shoulder. They are easy to put on and an inexpensive improvement to comfort.

Lunchbox oven

Where trail cuisine consists of crackers and cheese, this is a gift that will not disappoint especially if your friend is a foodie. The lunchbox oven is a mini oven about the size of your grandpa’s lunch box that plugs into the accessory outlet on your machine. It will heat about a quart of food to 300 degrees.

I have served tacos with all the trimmings, burritos, hot dogs, baked beans, sloppy joes, and Chinese lettuce wraps on the trail. They are a favorite of long haul truckers and are found in truck stops or online for about $40.

Well, these are a few ideas to help take the angst out of some of your Christmas shopping. Your ATV dealer will be able to help you with all of these ideas and more.

When you ride, take plenty of water, keep the rubber side down, and if this is more than you can handle, buy a gift card.

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