May 19, 2022

Botu Linum

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Auto dealer Charlie Clark’s superhero movie honors Mexican nana

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Several years ago, Charlie Clark, the owner of successful car dealerships from McAllen, Texas, created an alter-ego that made light of himself as a “gringo” superhero and helped promote his businesses.

“I didn’t want to do typical advertising, ‘Come on in for the best deal,’ ” he said, mimicking a stiff, uncomfortable salesman. Clark has been in El Paso for about five years with two dealerships, Charlie Clark Infiniti El Paso and Charlie Clark Nissan.

That alter ego, Green Ghost (a play off the Latin American slang term for a foreigner, especially an American), was a humorous way to reveal that Clark is at times more in tune with Latin culture than people might expect.

Charlie Clark is photographed with his movie promotion billboard at his car dealership in April in El Paso.

Thanks to his loving nana, a Mexican nanny named Mari Cruz Aurora Aguirre, and her family, Clark grew up feeling like an adopted son of the Latin community. He learned to speak Spanish fluently, laughed along to Mexican TV characters like El Chapulín Colorado and El Santo, and got together with extended family for carne asada.

“Me dio un don de amor. (She gave me a gift of love.) It opened up my capacity to be a loving person,” Clark said of his nana, who along with her mother got him used to big, Mexican hugs.