May 18, 2022

Botu Linum

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Autotrader, vAuto tools work together to extend marketing radius for dealers

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vAuto SnapLot 360 is partnering with Autotrader in an effort to deliver immersive vehicle merchandising options for dealers and their customers — working to potentially extend shopping radius’ for these same dealers. 

As weather cools off from the heat of late summer, the above partnership and its efforts to merchandise and market vehicles outside dealers’ market areas may offset what the company shared is also a “cooldown” in consumer demand, as well. 

vAuto SnapLot 360, which provides 360-degree imaging, is providing an expanded offering with Autotrader’s Market Extension and Market Extension Essential products, both of which allow dealers to list their vehicles in markets outside their physical location.

“There is a natural synergy between vAuto SnapLot 360 and Autotrader Market Extension and Market Extension Essential offerings. The fully engaging spins provide the information needed to spur increased interest and demand from shoppers outside a dealer’s local market,” said Nathan Fox, senior director of merchandising solutions for vAuto, in a news release. “Hot spot tagging specific attributes, such as alloy wheels, touchscreen displays and engine variants help potential buyers beyond the local market buy with confidence.”

Market Extention allows dealers to select markets outside theirs to show their listings; and when dealers add Market Extension Essential, dealers can expand their radius (250, 500 and 1,000 miles), and their listings will show up in searches where results are limited, the companies explained. 

This allows dealers to extend the reach of theirs online listings and allows them to provide more transparency to non-local consumers, or shoppers who prefer to buy online. 

Through the new solution collaboration, dealers can deliver exterior and interior 360-degree spin views enhanced by customized “hot spotting” of key vehicle features. According to the Cox Automotive 360 Spin Research 2021 Study, immersive imaging can level the playing field between traditional and online-only retailers by creating end-to-end benefits and service. For example, 73% of shoppers surveyed are more likely to consider a vehicle not at a local dealership if it has a 360-degree spin view. And 82% believe 360-degree spin images are a necessity when evaluating vehicles online, according to the same study. 

“SnapLot 360 gives our customers a way to interact and connect with our inventory by seeing and experiencing desired vehicle features easily online,” said Robert Velez, digital manager at Liberty Auto City in Libertyville, Ill., in the release.