May 18, 2022

Botu Linum

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Charges: Woman held 4 hostages at gunpoint in St. Paul gas station

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A woman accused of holding four people hostage at a St. Paul gas station on Tuesday has been charged. 

Kanisha Deon Wiggins, 31, of St. Paul, is charged with four counts of kidnapping in connection to the March 1 incident at the Speedway gas station at 846 Johnson Parkway in St. Paul.

She is accused of using a gun to hold four people — three Speedway workers and one Pepsi worker — hostage at the gas station, where she used to work. 

Prosecutors allege Wiggins was demanding to speak with her father in “federal prison,” and when she sent one of the hostages to go get her phone from her car, police forced their way into the locked gas station by shooting and prying out a panel of the glass door.