May 19, 2022

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Dark Horse CPAs Announce Hiring of Michael Connelly as Principal Accelerator | News

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BOSTON, Jan. 3, 2022 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — Dark Horse CPAs, a top accounting and tax firm serving small businesses and individuals across the nation, announces the hiring of Michael Connelly, CPA as an Accelerator in the firm’s Principal Accelerator Program. Connelly’s extensive experience with small businesses and their owners in the areas of tax and accounting with a focus on strategic advisory earned him a seat in Dark Horse’s Principal Accelerator Program.

Michael earned a bachelor’s and master’s degree from Providence College along with a CPA license from the state of Massachusetts. He brings to Dark Horse over 10 years of experience with a boutique CPA firm in the areas of tax and accounting, serving a wide range of individuals and entities. Michael was in search of a better and more sustainable way to grow his career in public accounting. He found this opportunity in Dark Horse’s Principal Accelerator Program.

When asked what made the Accelerator Program compelling, he responded, “I really enjoy working with my small business clients but I was lacking the support and resources I needed to create a sustainable career in public accounting; one that would allow me to properly balance the needs of my family, my clients, and myself. I knew I needed to make a change and was fortunate to come across Dark Horse in my search.” Expanding more on the support element provided at Dark Horse, Michael added, “the supportive network of CPAs is invaluable in helping me provide the highest levels of client service in a way that is efficient and profitable. I’m very excited to grow in this community and help other CPAs as well as my clients reach successful outcomes.”

“A lot of accountants talk about supporting their clients and providing excellent client service,” says Chase Birky, CEO and co-founder of Dark Horse CPAs. “Michael is truly all about the client. It’s what gives him a sense of purpose in his work and is his north star. I’m excited to see him join this growth-oriented community of CPAs we have here at Dark Horse that will help him take his client service to new heights as well as what I know he’ll be able to contribute back to that community in his areas of deep knowledge and experience.”

About the Dark Horse Accelerator Program

The Dark Horse Principal Accelerator Program was created for entrepreneurially-minded CPAs that want to build a scalable book of business without the personal and financial sacrifices required of starting a firm from scratch. Dark Horse empowers their CPAs with the resources and support to grow intelligently and profitably. Their proprietary technology, flexible staffing and industry-leading systems and processes enable CPAs to focus on being the trusted advisor to their clients, unlocking unprecedented value in these relationships, so that they will continue to be relevant long into the future while their counterparts become increasingly displaced by technology.

Accelerators are put through a training program that acclimates them to the firm’s exclusive tech stack, followed by proprietary sales training and one-on-one coaching. Upon completion of training, they begin building their book of business by fielding inquiries from potential Dark Horse clients. To facilitate their growth, Accelerators have full-time and fractional professional personnel support at their disposal. A collaborative group of like-minded CPAs go the extra mile to help them out in areas where they lack expertise. This new CPA firm business model includes an active corporate team that ensures their work is of high quality and strategically focused. After successful completion of the program, they can become an equity principal of the firm.

The Dark Horse Principal Accelerator Program is currently accepting new Accelerators. Interested CPAs are invited to dive deeper into the program on the Dark Horse website or by emailing [email protected]

About Dark Horse CPAs

Dark Horse CPAs provides integrated tax, accounting and CFO services to small businesses and individuals across the U.S. The firm was founded to save small businesses (and their owners) from subpar accounting and tax services and subpar client experiences. These small businesses are Dark Horses among their larger and more well-known competition. Being a Dark Horse CPA means advocating for small businesses by bringing to them the tax strategies and accounting insights previously reserved for big business. To learn more, visit

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