May 17, 2022

Botu Linum

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Green Springs grocery store, deli, gas station on target to open soon

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GREEN SPRINGS – Within days residents of the village will again have a stocked grocery store open to take care of their shopping needs.

The former Great Scot store at the center of the village is being reopened by a new owner who is bringing back hot food, deli meats, freezer foods, lined grocery shelves and even a self-serve Marathon station.

Mayor Adam Greenslade said it was May 2019 when the village government learned the Great Scott store was closing.

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“I immediately started contacting other grocers,” the mayor said.

He said he reached out to area smaller chains and even a large grocery chain, trying to interest them in opening a store to serve a community of 1,300.

His efforts were not fruitful.

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New owner found Green Springs ‘just by chance’

“It was just chance” Sam Farraj of Strongsville said, that he found the property in Green Springs. “I was going through the market place, and it was listed for sale.”