May 19, 2022

Botu Linum

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Greyhound stop at Knoxville gas station leaves riders in the elements

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Greyhound bus riders say the company’s new Knoxville stop at a North Cherry Street gas station is unsafe because it leaves them exposed as they wait for their bus. 

Passengers are now dropped off and picked up in the parking lot of the gas station and convenience store instead of the indoor terminal with bathrooms like the one that just closed at 100 E. Magnolia Ave. in the Old City. With several buses arriving and departing at night at the Marathon gas station that closes at 10 p.m., many are literally left in the dark.

Mildred Irizarry, a regular bus rider who travels 21 hours to Knoxville from New York, told Knox News she didn’t know about the new drop-off site until she arrived this week.