May 17, 2022

Botu Linum

The Car & Automotive Devotees

Here’s why your car isn’t rolling on airless tires… yet

3 min read

Wouldn’t it be great if you never had to worry about a flat tire? You could drive anywhere, roaming the globe, traveling to remote locations without a worry.

Well, stop dreaming. They exist. And they’re called airless tires. It’s a simple solution: if there’s no air in the tires, they can’t pop.

Amazing, right? 

Well, you’ll need to curb your enthusiasm a little. While airless tires exist, they’re not the silver bullet we hoped for — at least for now.

Not a novel idea

First off, airless tires — also called non-pneumatic tires (NPTs) — have been around for a while. 

You can find them in lawn mowers, golf carts, military vehicles, and even bicycles

So why are we talking about them now?

Well, because tire manufacturing giants such as Goodyear and Michelin are finally developing airless tire technology for passenger cars. 

Goodyear has been testing the tech on autonomous shuttles and a Tesla Model 3, while Michelin has teamed up with GM to create its very own NPT, called “Uptis” (Unique Puncture-proof Tire System).