May 19, 2022

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Kansas woman, dealership at odds over rolled back odometer

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KANSAS CITY, Kan. — A Kansas City, Kansas, woman is taking action against a local car dealership after she says the truck she bought had its odometer rolled back.

But the owner of Doc’s Auto Repair and Doc’s Auto Sales insists he didn’t sell her the truck, but he knows who did.

Helen Scott said she bought a truck from the KCK business. But when she was getting ready to sell the truck, she discovered the mileage wasn’t as advertised.

“I couldn’t sell it because the miles were rolled back, the miles on the title. He had 91,000 miles on it,” Scott said.

Scott discovered the discrepancy when she had an automotive background done. It revealed the truck actually had 281,000 miles.

On Thursday, she confronted Doug Pratt, owner at Doc’s Auto Sales, where Scott said she bought the truck.

“I told him that should have been disclosed to me,” she said. “If I would have known that, I would not have purchased the car with that many miles on it.”

But Pratt maintains he didn’t sell her that truck.

“She bought it from a mechanic that I had working for me at the time. She bought it up here,” he said. “He had sold the car from Facebook. She come up here and paid for it.”

Scott said the receipt indicates otherwise. But Pratt said that’s because he allowed his employee to use the business credit card reader.

“When I run the card on the credit machine, I said I’m just doing this because you don’t have the money. It’s just to collect the money for my worker,” Pratt said.

Scott said when she met with Pratt, he agreed to buy the truck back.

“I didn’t want no trouble from him. I wanted my money back because I can’t sell the vehicle back,” she said.

But before she could cash the check, Pratt changed his mind and decided he didn’t feel he was responsible.

“She pressured me into thinking I did something wrong,” he told FOX4.

It’s a crime to sell a car with a rolled back odometer, but Pratt said he didn’t know what may or may not have been done to the truck.

Now Scott said she plans to file a report to the Kansas Attorney General’s Office. Her message to anyone buying a used car: get an auto report done to avoid problems later.

KCK woman and dealership at odds over rolled back odometer, who’s to blame