May 19, 2022

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New Dealership Concept Gives Car Buyers More Affordable Purchasing Options

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ReCar acquires vehicles with less than perfect histories and gives buyers financing options to purchase them

ReCar is changing the way you buy vehicles. We remove concerns of branded titles, leaving you with more vehicle for less money.”

— Josh Overbey

BENTON, MISSOURI, UNITED STATES, December 8, 2021 / — With the used vehicle market in a frenzy and inventories low, many buyers are pushed out of the market due to high prices and few options. But one new Missouri dealership, ReCar, is looking to change the car buying experience by giving consumers a more affordable way to purchase a much-needed vehicle.

ReCar leverages a new model for today’s dealerships by offering consumers vehicles that other dealerships are hesitant to pick up due to less than perfect histories. And for dealerships that do offer similar vehicles, buyers may still find it challenging to get financing due to salvaged or rebuilt titles. ReCar disrupts this model employed by traditional auto dealerships by giving buyers a wide range of vehicles to choose from and helping them secure financing for cars that they may have trouble financing elsewhere.

The Benton, Missouri car dealership is owned by Josh Overbey and Allen Rhodes. Rhodes has over 15 years of experience in the auto industry and is also the owner of 74 Auto in Sikeston, Missouri, which ReCar uses to source some of its vehicles. Over 20,000 cars a year with various levels of damage are sold at 74 Auto to body shop owners and auto brokers. Many of these vehicles are then repaired and sold back to ReCar. The team then offers them on their Benton lot to buyers looking for a quality vehicle at a low price.

The ReCar team carefully reviews each vehicle’s history before purchasing it to ensure safety and overall quality. Types of vehicles the dealership typically offers include franchise trade-in units with clean tiles and accident histories, reconditioned hail damage, theft recovery, repaired collision damage, and catastrophic buyouts from water and wind. All vehicles are professionally repaired to deliver a quality product.

Title types offered by ReCar include clean titles that have accidents on history, clean titles with loss history that have received damage but not a total loss, and rebuilt titles associated with vehicles salvaged from theft, collision, catastrophic events, hail, and more.

Each vehicle that the ReCar team offers is inspected for safety to ensure the buyer’s peace of mind. ReCar also offers in-house financing, protection plans, and buyback and trade-ins when consumers are ready to upgrade to a new vehicle.

“ReCar is changing the way you buy vehicles. We remove concerns of branded titles, leaving you with more vehicle for less money,” said Joshua Overbey, ReCar co-owner. “We believe everyone deserves a quality vehicle and should be able to secure the financing needed to make that purchase, even if the vehicle has a less than perfect history. ReCar gives consumers access to these opportunities by giving them safe and affordable vehicles, financing, and protection plans to get them back on the road without breaking the bank.”

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