May 21, 2022

Botu Linum

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Nvidia’s Big Accelerator Memory: An SSD for your GPU

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We’re on the verge of the next generation of graphics processor units, but it’s hard to stay focussed on what’s right in front of us. At the end of this month, Nvidia is set to launch the hotly anticipated RTX 3090 Ti, which has a fair chance at being the most powerful gaming GPU we’ve ever seen. But the company has also teamed up with university researchers and IBM to unveil a new technology that already has us looking to the future of graphics cards.

According to The Register, BaM, or less excitingly, Big Accelerator Memory is Nvidia’s new technology which allows a GPU to transfer to a computer’s SSD without having to go through the CPU. This would allow for graphics cards to run independently of CPUs, as well as cut the load down on those processing chips.