May 16, 2022

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Press Release: Jasiri growth accelerator program launch | The New Times

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Kigali, Rwanda – 04/20/2022: JASIRI High Impact Entrepreneurship Program, supported by the Allan & Gill Gray Philanthropies (AGGP), has just launched its Growth Accelerator Program and is inviting Rwandan and Kenyan existing start-ups/ businesses to apply. The Growth Accelerator focuses on existing startups with market-creating innovations i.e. businesses solving difficult problems and providing goods or services to a large number of people. 

Qualifying businesses will pitch for a USD75,000 investment from JASIRI and further investment from angel investors and venture capitalists. The Growth Accelerator will offer qualifying ventures with investor readiness and scaling support to help them hit key metrics required for funding.


“In December 2020, we launched the JASIRI Talent Investor Program, a funded one-year program that guides aspiring individuals – known as Jasiri Fellows – to grow businesses from scratch i.e., from idea generation to venture creation. The launch of the JASIRI Growth Accelerator is an exciting next step to accelerate the growth of existing startups within Rwanda and Kenya ecosystems. We look forward to witnessing the impact of these ventures on our African continent” said Aline Kabanda, Rwanda Country Director,  Allan & Gill Gray Philanthropies.


JASIRI is accepting applications now until May 31st. Applicants who meet the following criteria are encouraged to apply:


  1. Large potential market.

  2. Market-Creating Innovation – potential to address non-consumption ie trying to solve difficult problems and providing goods or services to a large number of people.

  3. Existing user base.

  4. Generating revenue.

  5. Consistent growth in revenue or user acquisition.

Proof of legal Registration and tax compliance in Rwanda or Kenya

JASIRI will be hosting an official launch event on Friday, April 22nd at 10am Central African Time (CAT) / 11h00 East African Time (EAT). You can register for this public event on this Zoom Webinar Link. Additionally, virtual and in person information sessions will be scheduled to provide interested businesses with further details on the program and on how to apply.

To apply, you can visit  by  May 31st, 2022.

About Allan & Gill Gray Philanthropy

Allan & Gill Gray Philanthropies (AGGP) have embarked on a journey to develop responsible entrepreneurs across the African continent in service of the common good. Our long-term strategy will ultimately contribute to job creation and poverty alleviation, hence leading to social change.

For More Information

Visit the JASIRI Website: or contact Amanda Luyenge at [email protected]

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