May 18, 2022

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Push to revive Jersey blue license plates gains some traction

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The push to bring the Jersey blue license plates back to the parkway and the turnpike, to circles and jughandles from Cape May to High Point, is gaining some … traction.

With no fanfare or discussion, the Senate Transportation Committee on Monday unanimously passed a bill that was introduced last year to revive the old plates that the state exclusively used from 1979 to 1992.

The bill must go through an Assembly committee and get approved in a full vote in both chambers before heading to Gov. Phil Murphy for consideration, but its advancement this week gives hope to anyone pining for the old plates — or, at least, a dose of nostalgia while sitting in traffic.

“I think we need something new and exciting. Even if it’s not that exciting, it’s at least new,” said Jim Moini, a computer programmer from Bergenfield who runs a website,, dedicated to the history and intricacies, such as they are, of New Jersey license plates.

Three decades, same color

The old-school blue license plate once common in New Jersey.

New Jersey hasn’t had a new plate design in nearly 30 years, when the state rolled out the current Goldfinch yellow plates with black lettering in 1992.

Compared with other states’ designs since then — they include a trippy mural in Oklahoma, a portrait of Dolly Parton in Tennessee and a tribute to fossil fuels in West Virginia — New Jersey’s tags have been among the “plainest,” as Moini put it.