June 30, 2022

Botu Linum

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Salinas serves desert in tradition of his father

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Finding themselves stranded in the scorching heat of the desert summer, the Salinas family was relieved and simultaneously apprehensive at the approach of the tall stranger in a large cowboy hat pulling up behind their broken-down car. Amado Luis Salinas had been traveling with his wife and four small children in 1962 when their tire blew out by Windy Point on Highway 111. Perplexed and perspiring, Salinas was debating whether to start walking when Frank Bogert pulled over and inquired what was going on.

Salinas, unsure of the query, explained that he did not speak English. To his relief, Bogert responded in fluent Spanish and ascertained the difficulty. Bogert ferried Salinas into town, bought him a spare tire and some drinks for the kids. The men rushed back to the waiting family, where they changed the tire and got the Salinas family back on the road. Years later, Amado Cano Salinas II, one of the children stuck in the sun that day, remembered Bogert watching and waving as the family motored on.