May 16, 2022

Botu Linum

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Show You Have Money to Burn With the $2 Million CASH Vanity Plate

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Vanity license plates have enjoyed constant popularity throughout the years and with good reason. People want to be able to put a personalized touch on a vehicle they couldn’t or wouldn’t otherwise customize, and a vanity plate is a good start. For a very select and well-heeled car owners, there’s also an aftermarket of collectible vanity plates, where large amounts of money change hands for these plates.

It is for them that this opportunity presents itself. A very rare, 1-of-1 California license plate has emerged for sale for the first time in more than 50 years. The brokering firm tells the DuPont Registry that the plate in question, which reads CASH, has belonged to a Cali attorney since 1968 and has been used on the vehicles in his fleet. Now that the original owner has retired and, presumably, no longer needs to show the world he’s loaded, he wants to give someone else the chance to show off with it.

The firm holding the listing is the same one that recently announced the availability of the California MM license plate and NFT combo. While that one was offered at $24.3 million, CASH is comparatively a steal at just $2 million. But you don’t get an NFT (Non-Fungible Token) with it.

In case you’re already picturing the perfect customer for such a vanity plate, you’re probably right on the money. Here’s how the seller imagines them: “The person who acquires this plate will have a collection of cars, homes, or artwork, but they don’t shy away from public expression. They want to be seen, and owning the most valuable plate in the country would be very appealing to them.” So, kind of like the cartoon character Richie Rich, with all the $$$ branding on cars and aircraft, but older and brought into modern times.

Jokes aside, a collectible like this, offered for this kind of money, is the ultimate “get” for a car enthusiast who has it all.

Both the seller and the aforementioned media outlet note that this is the “most valuable license plate in the country.” While it does serve to draw attention to an item with collectible potential, it also comes across as gross exaggeration since the MM plate offered in October would be in the running for this title. Another serious contender is the 1970 New York NEW YORK plate attached to a sad-looking Volvo V70 that was listed for $20 million in March this year.

By comparison, CASH feels more like the loose change you find between the cushions of your couch.