May 20, 2022

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Team Lincoln prioritizes special orders, Black Label luxury

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With the ongoing microchip storage impacting inventory issues, customers looking for new vehicles and especially luxury vehicles can be left scrambling to find what they want and even settling for something less than desirable.

“Don’t settle,” said Bill Jenkins, Lincoln brand manager at Team Lincoln. “We can custom order any vehicle and choose the exact features that fit your life. We offer convenient, dealer-direct custom ordering at Team Lincoln. Ordering custom is convenient and vehicles are built to order and available for delivery in usually 12 to 14 weeks.”

Las Vegas Valley residents have experienced inventory issues at dealerships since automobile production slowed down and even stopped at some production facilities during the onset of COVID-19 and then more recently due to microchip issues.

The result: limited inventory with less variety. But there is a better way, according to Jenkins. He said Team Lincoln has a solution for savvy buyers who want luxury and want it their own way.

“Even if the perfect vehicle for you arrives at the dealership, the quick turnover of new inventory might have it on the lot in the morning and out the door by the afternoon,” he said. “We have a solution so you can customize the vehicle of your dreams, and we make it a priority special order to get it here for you.”

Among the most popular Lincoln SUVs in the inventory is the 2022 Lincoln Black Label Navigator.

Starting at $104,675, the Lincoln Black Label Navigator seats up to eight and exemplifies Lincoln’s commitment to luxury and safety. It features the latest in safety systems and upgraded driver-assistance technology including adaptive cruise control with stop-and-go and lane-centering capability. Buyers will also enjoy the peace of mind of the Lincoln Co-Pilot360 1.0 driver-assist technologies and enhanced active park assistance and 360-degree camera.

“The Black Label Navigator can be delivered loaded with safety and luxury features inside and out,” said Jenkins, who emphasized fine Venetian leather cabin interiors and the Revel Ultima audio system. “And, you can listen in three modes – Stereo, Audience or On Stage modes.”

Navigator features a 10-speed, six-cylinder twin-turbocharged 3.4-liter engine, but buyers can customize to fit their wants and needs just like they can when selecting any of the Black Label SUVs including the Black Label Nautilus, Black Label Aviator and Black Label Aviator Grand Touring plug-in Aviator.

“With varying horsepower, buyers can choose the engine that best suits their performance needs, helping them to make their drive uniquely their own,” Jenkins said.

Lincoln Black Label membership features luxury perks including Premium Maintenance (four years/50,000 miles), complimentary car wash and Lincoln pick up and delivery (four years/50,000 miles). Black Label customers also enjoy access to Avis President’s Club and remote delivery benefits. Check the dealership’s website for specifics and more details at

Buyers can customize their Black Label vehicle at Team Lincoln, located at 5445 Drexel Road off U.S. Highway 95 and Ann Road. Serving the Las Vegas Valley since 2000, Team Lincoln features a 5,000-square-foot showroom, cafe and complete service department.

Team Lincoln prioritizes special orders, Black Label luxury