May 17, 2022

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Was Alex Murdaugh really changing tires when he got shot? Investigators ‘suspicious’

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HAMPTON COUNTY, SOUTH CAROLINA: The prominent South Carolina’s Murdaugh family patriarch Alex Murdaugh was driving the Mercedes-Benz GLS sport utility vehicle — equipped with run-flat tires – on Saturday, September 4, when he was shot in the head. He suffered a “superficial” gunshot wound to the head in the incident that happened when he was allegedly changing a tire on the side of a rural Hampton county road, sources familiar with the case told FITSNews.

However, now doubts have arisen about Murdaugh’s story that he was changing his flat tire when he was hit by a bullet. His car was stocked with run-flat tires, also known as “extended mobility tires”, that allows the car to run nearly fifty miles with little to no tire pressure because of a reinforced sidewall. So, the question being asked is why he stopped on the side of the road to change his tires.


Alex Murdaugh called 911 himself after he was shot in the head, cops confirm

Murdaugh murders: Alex Murdaugh shot in head, 3 months after wife and son were killed

The South Carolina Law Enforcement Division (SLED) said Murdaugh himself called 911 at around 1.34 pm and told the Hampton County Central Dispatcher that he was shot on Old Salkehatchie Road near Varnville. He was then taken to Memorial Health University Medical Center in Savannah, Georgia after he sustained a “superficial gunshot wound to the head,” SLED added. Later, Murdaugh’s lawyer, Jim Griffin, confirmed the incident and said that his client pulled over to change a tire when am unknown vehicle turned around and someone shot him.

However, as per the FITSNews report, most Mercedes SUVs come with run-flat tires and do not have spare tires. An insider, who knows about the incident, said, “There’s no way he was changing the tire or had any intent to.” The report also stated that the place where Murdaugh apparently stopped to change a tire and got hit was about seven miles from his home in Islandton, South Carolina, which means he could have easily gone back home or gotten help from a nearby service station.

FITSNews added that the investigators probing the case reportedly found the story told by Murdaugh’s lawyer “very suspicious”. The narrative was reportedly facing “withering investigative scrutiny.” A source added: “This is not going to hold up,” while referring to the version of events narrated by Murdaugh and his lawyer.

Meanwhile, Tommy Crosby, a spokesman for SLED, which is investigating the case, refused to give any details. Crosby added, “It’s an open investigation. It would be inappropriate to comment.” The only comment from SLED till date is, “a black Mercedes-Benz SUV driven by Alex Murdaugh was initially processed and ultimately towed from the scene to a law enforcement impound lot for further evaluation. As we have previously stated, we cannot and will not do anything that could jeopardize the integrity of this or any potentially related investigation or that would violate the due process afforded to all in our constitutional system of justice.”

“SLED is committed to conducting a professional and thorough criminal investigation. SLED is further committed to transparency and will provide any additional releasable information at the appropriate time,” the agency’s statement added. No suspect has been named or arrested in the case yet. Also, law enforcement officials have not released any description of any suspect(s) or suspect vehicle(s).

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