May 16, 2022

Botu Linum

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Will Properly Inflating Your Tires Actually Improve Gas Mileage?

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Among a million other things, inflating your tires to the proper level is something you’ve probably heard improves gas mileage. When the vehicle drives on flattened tires, it might not move as well as it should. Tons of other factors go into something like this. The real question is, what’s the truth? Will properly inflating your tires actually improve gas mileage?

Will properly inflating your tires improve gas mileage?

With the current price of gasoline, people will do just about anything to avoid needing to fuel up so often. Staying away from the gas pump for as long as possible is the best way to save money. According to 12 News Now, a comedian took to Twitter to make a proposal for decreasing gas prices. Of course, this made everyone question the validity of the idea.