May 19, 2022

Botu Linum

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Would You Buy This Off-Road Modded Porsche Cayenne Over a New Bronco Badlands?

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Let’s play a fun little game with unreliable and polarizing U.S. Market 4x4s. Why? Because when we saw that a custom lifted Porsche Cayenne Turbo was for sale on, we couldn’t help but notice it sold for around the same price as a new Ford Bronco Badlands.

Used custom lift jobs are notoriously dangerous to navigate if you aren’t familiar with their inner mechanics. Being able to spot defects or botches in the lifted suspension is going to be vital in determining whether it’s seriously worth investing money in.

At least on Cars & Bids, you get the seal of approval and a special description paragraph penned by the famous automotive YouTuber Doug DeMuro. It sure beats a half-baked description you usually find on auto listings. Have a look at what Papa Doug has to say about this lifted Cayenne Turbo.

“There’s a lot to like about this off-road-flavored Cayenne Turbo. For one thing, it’s been exclusively registered in California under a single owner through most of 2021.” DeMuro said of the jacked-up Porsche for sale on his brainchild website. “It also boasts a muscular 500-horsepower turbocharged V8, and it’s finished in attractive Dark Blue Metallic.” DeMuro goes on to state that this 2013 Cayenne Turbo MRSP’d at the dealership when new for $120,000 before any modifications

Other added goodies include an exterior graphics package, a roof-mounted LED auxiliary light mounted to a custom roof rack complete with an external spare tire mount. All-terrain tires on standard OEM Porsche black alloy wheels make for an overall design aesthetic that’s both stylish and intimidating. The 4.8-liter bi-turbo V8 under the hood jets out an impressive 500 horsepower and 512 lb-ft of torque. It’s is sure to make light work of most off-road courses.

Interior-wise, it’s much the same as it would have been from the factory in 2014. Say what you will about that cost of repair, but the interior quality of these early 2010’s Cayennes is less equipped than an Acura or BMW equivalent. Happily, everything appears to be in great working order in this case.

What’s notable about this example is that it sold for $42,250, just a thousand dollars less than a brand-new off-road special Badlands Edition Ford Bronco four-door. For that kind of money, there’s a strong case for both options. The Ecoboost V6 powered Bronco Badlands is sure to deliver a fresher experience you’d expect from a car built nine years after the other.

But refined doesn’t mean more efficient. In fact, these two off-roaders share a fuel economy rating of 17 mpg combined. Pretty putrid if you ask us. But when you have 45 grand to spend on an off-roading toy, we assume we can afford it at the fuel pump. But which one would you choose? Let us know in the comments below.